We are holding our upcoming extraordinary 37th European Green Party Congress in Vienna, Austria, on 2 and 3 June 2023 in cooperation with Die Grünen, the Austrian Green Party!

This gathering of our European Green family will take place one year ahead of the 2024 European elections. As the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine still holds a grip on Europe, and as multiple crises continue to hit European citizens, we as Greens are offering clear answers to the challenges Europe is facing: a path towards social and climate justice, towards further integration, and a stronger and more inclusive democracy against populist autocratic forces dividing our societies.  

The upcoming Congress will be the starting point for us to internally define the next steps as a European Green Family towards our upcoming joint election campaign, with the aim of being part of the majority building in the next European Parliament. We will continue to internally shape our demands for the 2024 EU elections, decide on enlarging our political family further, and engage in debates on some key Green issues such as energy security.